What a week!


Zvandiri crew on stage

Zvandiri crew on stage

As reported before, The Zvandiri Crew was to perform on stage exactly 2pm on the 30th of April and many were nervous as there was a huge turnout.

In the storm we've learnt How to Dance!

In the storm we’ve learnt How to Dance!

Their fears were put to rest as the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton, joined them backstage for their song and dance. During HIFA week, various non-profit organisations working towards the fight against HIV/AIDS showcased the different services they provide at the HIFA main venue, First Street, where they were sponsored by the U.S through The President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR/Emergency Plan). PEPFAR has been in partnership with Zimbabwe for many years now.


Ambassador Bruce Wharton (grey suit) accompanied by Mr Manuel Bagorro (blue blazer)

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