Programmes: Training

Training Training

Africaid’s training programme is extremely varied and busy. Life skills training programmes are run for children and adolescents with the aim of assisting them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with their HIV status and to live happy, health, fulfilled lives.

Training programmes are also held for caregivers, health workers, teachers, churches, community members and other organisations. This work is planned and delivered by HIV positive children and adolescents themselves, and using a variety of media which they themselves have produced, they are striving to strengthen people’s understanding and responses to the needs of HIV positive children and adolescents.

Then another level of training is being delivered for the youth whom are graduating out of the programme – entrepreneurship and vocational skills training. With support from Swiss AIDS Care International, 60 young people are being equipped with a practical skill, IT skills and mentored as they establish their own businesses. This is providing hope for young people for the future as they can secure an income to support themselves and their families