Progress in Kwekwe


A total of 20 Kwekwe Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS) were recently engaged in a successful refresher course. The fruits of the refresher training are already being realized as evidenced by progress made so far by the CATS in reaching out to other children and adolescents living with HIV. Soon after the training the CATS organized an awareness campaign at Mbizo 11 clinic in Kwekwe where they sensitized about 104 caregivers and adolescents on the importance of support groups in providing psychosocial support to children and adolescents living with HIV. The campaign which was initially intended for one day ended up being two days due to high demand from the community members. What moved most caregivers and other adolescents was the fact that the CATS themselves are living with HIV.

Kwekwe CATS posing for a photo with the District Administrator for Kwekwe.

Kwekwe CATS posing for a photo with the District Administrator for Kwekwe.

Some adolescents could not imagine that there are some young people who are living with HIV who are healthy and confident to the extent of providing support to children and other adolescents. Caregivers from Mbizo 11 catchment area with children on ART requested the clinic to provide space for support group meetings which was subsequently granted by the sister in charge. Another outreach is scheduled for Mbizo 1 clinic during the month of May.

During the training the CATS were linked with the District AIDS Coordinator for Kwekwe Urban Mr. Kombora who also attended the training. Two representatives were invited to attend the DAAC Stakeholders meeting on the 8th of May. Tafadzwa and Lissah attended the meeting and they were confident enough to present before the Kwekwe Stakeholders an update on what they are doing as CATS. All the stakeholders were amazed by the work being done by the CATS with support from Africaid. The CATS also presented the issue of user fees being charged by Kwekwe Council Clinics and the issue was taken up by the local authority for consideration.


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  1. tinashe matavikwa says:

    wonderful work guys kip it up

  2. loyce says:

    woooow am really happy for you for making such a big change….indeed as days pass by we will surely live in world we always dream of..together will surely make it….you guys are the best keep it up

  3. Tabitha Gwanzura says:

    I am really excited and encouraged that some adolescents are taking hold of their lives not just for themselves but to change the world for a better future. Am reallt proud of you guys. keep it up – World Changers!

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