New members (PAB)

Meeting in session

Meeting in session

The Peer Advisory Board (PAB) held their last meeting for the year 2013. As the Board we revisited our rules because they were lacking but the most outstanding was communication-there is need for communication and updating each other on the different issues in our support groups. PAB as you know is held on a quarterly basis and its members identify the challenges and successes in the support group structure and give feedback to the Board.

The above mentioned was done because we had new PAB members, we then discussed about our Mother organization Africaid-where it came from, its various works in the community and its goals.

The Chairperson briefly explained the role of the PAB members and how we operate, the structure and we set new rules for all the PAB members to uphold. After the recap, members of the board began their feedbacks from all the communities. The challenges that are being faced in the different communities are as follows;

  • In some communities children are in need of birth certificate and pill boxes
  • Children are not going to school because there is no money to cater for school fees and for those that are in still in school more stationery is needed
  • In some areas children walk long distances to attend the support group
  • It has been noted that boys in the support group are taking advantage when in a relationship and they are abusing girls
  • There is also discrimination in some clinics

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