How To Dance

1“How to Dance” has been produced by HIV positive children and adolescents from Africaid’s Zvandiri programme in Harare, Zimbabwe. This project was made possible through the Auxilla Chimusoro Alumni award from PEPFAR in January 2013. This award is given annually in memory of a courageous woman who was the first Zimbabwean woman to speak out bravely about her HIV status in the 1980’s.

Children and adolescents from Zvandiri have used this award to follow in Auxilla’s footsteps by also speaking out through their own song and DVD. For the first time, a group of HIV positive children and adolescents have come out publicly to describe the way in which they have learned “how to dance in the storm”, despite the challenges in their lives. As young people living with HIV, they call for zero HIV-related deaths, zero new HIV infections and zero stigma. Uniquely, they have been joined by a superband of Zimbabwean musicians who have helped them to turn their message in to a world class track and performance.

Tip: if you’re Internet connection is capable, try playing in HD for best quality video.

Thanks to:

      • Lead Artist: Rina Mushonga
      • Artists: Mokoomba, Ba Shupi, Edith We Uthonga, Blackbird, Dizzy Don, Zimfellas, Zvandiri, Ammara Brown & Arundel School Choir
      • Production: Nicola Willis, Sue Powell, Anna Miller, The Book Cafe, Di Robson
      • Director and Camera: Linette Frewin
      • Post-production: Simon de Swardt
      • Recording Engineer: Vusa Moyo
      • Mixed by: David Gleeson and Marc ‘Archie’ Arciero
      • Illustration and DVD design: Marieke Ubbink
      • Photography: Andreas Keller

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55 Responses to How To Dance

  1. Jane Ferguson says:

    Incredible – inspiring, heart warming and VERY catchy. Congratulations ALL and the very best for the future!

  2. Siniko Ndhlovu says:

    Hey, this is so cool, more than leaps & bounds, really!

  3. simba munyonho says:

    Wow, great work. Congratulations

  4. mak mlilo says:

    Inspiring – we can all dance to it……..

  5. Judith Shermn says:

    Congratulations – Once again Zvandiri leads the way! You are our role models!

  6. Lauren Rumle says:

    Thank you Zvandiri, we are proud to know you, to be inspired by you.

  7. Lovemore Dumba says:

    Fabulous, Well done Zvandiri.

  8. Tafadzwa Chigariro says:

    Powerful song, powerful message and well-choreographed video! Well done Zvandiri!

  9. James Hokonya says:

    Is this song being played on any Zim radio stations, because its too good not to be. I love it.

    • Sungano says:

      Great point! That is the aim and we are about to contact them but if you have contacts or could assist in any way please let us know.

  10. Inspiring, moving, uplifting – what wonderful young people! We must get this out there as much as possible.

  11. melanie abas says:

    thank-you Zvandiri, amazing, Zimbabwe’s Got Talent in abundance. this should be broadcast across the world

  12. Taudeen Oyewale says:

    Thanks for saring tisinspiring sond anddance.Yes this is saping the future on AIDS. Great talents!

  13. Taudeen Oyewale says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring song and dance. Yes this is shaping the future of AIDS. Great talent!

  14. This is Fantastic! I could not stop dancing too. Well done and MAKOROKOTO!

  15. Lucas Halimani says:

    Great stuff.Congrats!

  16. Barbara Kaim says:

    Wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this uplifting dvd.

  17. Caroline Zinyemba says:

    Well done to you all! Great inspiration!

  18. Zivai Mupambireyi says:

    Art at its best well done Zvandiri, and wishing a healthy and fulfilled life for every HIV infected and affected child.

  19. Shamiso Jombo says:

    Great performance with a deep message….love the dances:-). Well done Zvandiri, keep it up!!!

  20. Ruth Mapara says:

    Awesome! This is so cool. Well done guys, rambaimakadaro.

  21. Gretta Jere says:

    Wonderful performance…. really inspired! Love this!

  22. Patience Kunaka says:

    Congratulations to Nicolla and team and Zvandiri. You are an inspiration to all

  23. Petronella Chirawu says:

    Great video, well done Zvandiri

  24. Ngonidzashe Madidi says:

    I love the chorus! its catchy and i cant stop singing! have worked in the program for so long my heart felt a gush of warm feelings seeing the happy expressions of the conquerors in the video, i am proud to be Zimbabwean and a Doctor working with such brave souls!

  25. Georgina Musingwini says:

    I am impressed. The song and the dance send a very strong message. Makorokoto, musadzokere shure.

  26. Tsitsi says:

    This is just so awesome…………touching, cannot even find the right word

  27. Webster Mavhu says:

    Fabulous! Well done Zvandiri.

  28. Another job well done….congrats guys; always proud of you.

  29. Mravili says:

    Enrgising song. Keep it up!

  30. Kate says:


  31. Caroline says:

    A heart warming message of strength, courageousness and fortitude to all those with the HIV virus. I wish you Lots of success with this moving tribute!

  32. Euphemia Sibanda says:

    This is awesome; well done Zvandiri.

  33. says:

    This is beautiful guys, didn’t know there were such brilliant people with bright ideas doing such good things out there. Thanx Webster for introducing me to this group of people.Been inspired.

  34. Lizzie Allen says:

    Such happiness in the face of such sadness. A great project. Well done x

  35. Bonzo says:

    Grt perfomance kip it up.

  36. Trust says:

    this is powerful staff ,we can win the war against stigma and descrimination

  37. Patience Matambo says:

    Great stuff Zvandiri and all. Keep it up.

  38. Gail Ascott says:

    Fantastic!!! Welldone

  39. Gail Ascott says:

    Fantastic welldone!!!

  40. mary Taruvinga says:

    You are the best,life still goes on and of course continue dancing in the storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like

  41. Katongo Kampamba says:

    the video was awesome and I am not even Zimbabwean but the song is still stuck in my head and I don’t want it to ever come out


    Great performance and giant stride i speaking out on HIV/AIDS for the first time Zvandiri.A big applause to your founder and director humble Nicola-from very humble beginnings in the call for zero HIV-related deaths, zero new HIV infections and zero stigma to these great achievements.

    Keep the ball rolling towards this goal.

  43. Kudakwashe Marasha says:

    instead of stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDS let us support them and work together towards achieving the goal of zero HIV/AIDS related births

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  45. Bruce Dick says:

    Brilliant, Nicola and all the young people and musicians involved: what a partnership … positive and inspiring: thank you – an example for us all to learn to dance in our storms

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  47. James Davis, Ph.D. says:

    Absolutely beautiful, inspirational, touching, catchy, moving. PLEASE get this song onto iTunes as soon as you possibly can. We are trying our best to promote this song to make the video go viral. It’s uncannily good…thank you for all that hope and love. The disparities in world healthcare are unacceptable and the pharmaceutical companies should not be making such gross profits at the expense of human lives. Thank you for letting us know that HIV is OUR problem as human beings and for showing us such courage and amazing music.

  48. Mutimbwa Siseho says:

    Congratulation Zvandiri team. You are indeed heroes in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and Stigma on the African Continent. I am proud of you.

  49. kelvin says:

    Great song and really touching. Its great to see the power of music rising in all those involved. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  50. katy hayward says:

    Hello any chance we can arrange a phone call to discuss the symposium?

  51. LUKE CHINYADZA says:

    Great staff i am proud of u Zimbos

  52. Leonard says:

    Finally I managed to watch and listen to the recording. Great work Zvandiri. An awesome inspiration to all of us. Always striving for and achieving the best! The young people make us proud. Keep it up. Am always looking out for your next great first from Zvandiri and there is always one coming.

  53. Brill Nkomo says:

    This is awesome…kuhle kakhulu. Amhlophe Zvandiri team ngomsebenzi omuhle kanjena

  54. Dlackx “marlon makwenda“ says:

    Well done guys keep it up keep up the good work together we can fight.

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