Sunningdale Support Group

Drawing by Charity

My name is Charity. I’m a girl aged 18. I live with my grandparents and my two sisters. In Sunningdale Support Group we are only eight children. We have got two boys and six girls. I am proud to be a member of Zvandiri Program because since I have joined I have learnt a lot about ARVs and why people should drink or take their tablets on time and who should take ARVs. I am also a member of the Zvandiri Youth Group. We learn how to live positively and be happy about it because as teenagers we are happy living a positive life as we grow up to be adults and soon to be parents within the future.

We as children of tomorrow have a bright future for ourselves and our future family to be, and those we live with day and night, sickness and healthy, and sorrow and happiness. In years to come I hope our group will achieve to become a bigger group and also enlighten and inspire other kids to be open about their status.

My hopes and dreams are to become a businesswoman, like having my own shop doing like massage, facials, manicures and pedicure. After that I would like to go to Canada or USA or even Britain but my favourite country is Canada. After that I want to be married by a guy who understands me and who takes me as I am.