To me support groups are like a chief cornerstone or the foundation on which we build on our inner self i.e. mentally and socially, especially when reviewed or have been told that he or she is HIV positive. My support group that I go to, Avenues in CBD, has built and is still building me to become a natural young man who aims high regardless of being HIV positive. It is making me realise that we are all equal and each needs to have his or her own share; not to be looked down upon by someone else. Also being around children is helping me to understand the bridge between the young children and the world of adults, which in turn helps me to assess the inner self and strive to live a humble, caring and loving life.

My support group has taught me and is still teaching me to shun discrimination and stigma in every form. Thus it has installed confidence and hope within me.


  • It is much of concern that we have as much information as possible, especially the development in HIV/AIDS studies. This would keep us all well knowledgeable as times are changing.
  • Materials for use in brain storming or exercises as this will shake sorrows out of our bodies, help us interact more easily and be more open.
  • Materials can either be in written form, audio form or video form because the more you see, you hear and read the better knowledgeable you become but without the other we lose a lot.
  • Recreational times are a necessity as this brings people together, and more people mean more ideas.

Youth Group:

It makes me to understand my world even better as the information I get from support groups is then expressed in a mature way. As I meet up with the children of the same age as mine I get enlightened with testimonies and experience is they went through which then makes me be even stronger and focus.

In youth group you are also made to understand your relationships and how to maintain them especially when HIV positive and some burning issues like how best you can tell someone you like about your status and when it is the right time to tell him or her.


Personally I am very happy, very grateful for what our support group leaders are doing and a very big applause and thank you to Africaid for the job they are doing in striving to create a 100% adherence to ARV’s environment.



Zvandiri Trainers

In October last year, Africaid received funding from Zimbabwe’s Programme of Support, which is a collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, National AIDS Council and UNICEF. Under this grant, Africaid is training child-led training teams who are working in communities training their HIV+ peers how to live positively. Each team focuses on a different aspect of living with HIV.

One of the child trainers writes here about his training. He is 16 years old.

This training was one of my best trainings I have attended. We learned so many things. These things were based on different topics and some of them were about challenges which are faced by the children living with the HIV virus like stigma, discrimination and also children’s rights. I was in the treatment team and we were taught everything that involves treatment like What are ARVs?, adherence, types of ARVs, the soldier game and challenges which cause poor adherence. We taught children from Epworth and Mbare about these things we learned

I was happy to be in this group because it was cooperative group. I enjoyed everything we did at this training