Africaid, by Amanda

We were a seed that needed a place to germinate.
Africaid became our fertile ground.
We beheld our trust in Africaid as it cared for us.
We bloomed to be seedlings.
At first it was intensely difficult for us as seasons went by -
we shaded our leaves almost to our death point.
But with Africaid’s love, new and strong seeds germinated within us.
These have now grown and formed a strong united us.
For whenever we fall, we all know that Africaid is there to pull us up.
We have within us a refreshing aroma which will always leave smiling faces.
by Amanda, 17 yrs


Do not let anyone look down on you

The more you underestimate yourself, the more people will start to underestimate you.

Being HIV positive must not stop you from wanting to accomplish that which you had desired in your heart to accomplish. Yes, people are there and will always be there to be obstacles in our visions throughout the whole of our life. But I tell you, you must see these obstacles as stepping stones to your goal.

Some will say “You will not mount to anything, you are wasting your time” But I want to tell you that’s a lie. Pretend you are not hearing a word they are saying and as time goes on, they will realise that they are the ones wasting their own time.

By Tapiwa