This group came to our rescue. We were so low out there all alone. But now at the Support Groups I have found love, laughter and care, encouragement, support and as well as uplifted high.

Support Groups gave me power and motivation to live positive as all alone I thought that was the end of me. But now I can see the future ahead of me and I feel strong. At Support Groups we are equipped with knowledge and the inspiration to inspire others.

Mingling with different people with different characters helped us to socialise with others and also not to look down upon ourselves.

All in all I am glad and happy of all the Support Groups, but here and there is need to improve some of the programs as some of us get bored with the activities done every month, the same things all the time. We need to have clubs, to motivate others in their talents like dramas, choir etc in our community groups. Commemorate our leader’s birthdays and our birthdays, as well as the Support Group’s birthday.

Camps and trips help us to meet and have togetherness with our fellow colleagues out there in different communities.

But all in all thank you. Keep it up!




I am nineteen years old. Before I joined the support group I used to feel different from the way I feel right now.

I used to feel like an outcast. In our family I was the only child who was sick all the times. I was always in and out of the hospitals. All other children in my family were healthy. I thought I was cursed because I felt I was the only child suffering in this world. I was wrong because since I joined Africaid support group in September 2005 I discovered that I was not the only sick child.

I now feel better. Since I joined the support group I have been having a great time with other children who have the same experience as me. All my thoughts are now positive.