Never let low self esteem control your life

Backgrounds usually are dangers to so many people in life. We tend to meet different types of people as we grow up therefore those are the same people who always builds up low self-esteem in our life.

They always tell us negative words only just to pull us down due to that, self-stigma then begins to build up in your way of life and how to handle yourself personally.

But as for me I decided to live positively and to look at only positive words from people in my life. I was once in a cocoon but now I am out of it knowing that I can do whatever I want to do in my life. Allowing BOLDNESS in my life, OH!!! Things are happening, its now working as a stepping stone in my life. Living positively doesn’t mean that I go around with the virus, doing my work with it. NO. Actually I say, “goodbye Mr. Virus, see you when I come back to take my drugs to treat you”.

Guys out there, continue to declare positive words in your lives. You can succeed, and also you are the leaders of tomorrow



Hello! My name is Moreblessing. I live in Mbare, and I went to Mbare Support Group. I am living positively. The reason we went to Support Groups in our community is to help and support other children who are living positively. We support each other by:

  • By encouraging each other to adhere well in drinking tablets because it is so important.
  • Helping each other solving our home and family problems.

The reason why we also go to Support Group is to refresh our minds so that when you see young children like you too will be happy that I’m not the only one infected. We also thank God for bringing us Zvandiri House, Support Groups, Newlands clinic, andAfricaid. Those people who work there are really helped us with ARVs, clothes and food. We also learn more about HIV, ARVs and other things we may want to know. We are happy about everything.

In Support Groups we also play games, having funny, helping each other to incur home works.

We would like you to help us by bringing more books to our Support Groups so that when one needs to refresh his or her mind or remove stress, giving us presents. We wish you could come with a project with those who have finished their O-levels.

We are happy that we have Support Groups to go to and we will continue helping with supporting each other in everything we do. We are going to stand as one and we are not going to fall down.

I wish God will help us by keeping Connaught clinic, Africaid and other organisations which help us.

Thank you.

In God we trust.