There is a bright future for me

I have got great expectations for the future.
The fact that I am HIV positive
Doesn’t draw me back for I know that
If I have the support of family and friends
like AFRICAID I can make it.
My purpose for living is to support others like me
I want to give them strength and hope
I want to be a pillar of strength to my peers
I have high hopes of the future
I am a special child
Born for a purpose
Child of destiny
God loves me and has given me
A caring father and AFRICAID



I am living positively

I grew up having health problems. I didn’t know that I was HIV+ve but after I was tested and put on treatment my life has changed completely.

Zvandiri Support Groups helped me to live positively and I am living a healthy life; everytthing is enjoyable. I am looking forward to having a bright future for I am working hard at school.

Alith Zen


Warren Park Support Group (Overcomers)

A support group is attended by children and teenagers who are HIV positive. At these support groups normally people who come are 6 to 20 years of age. Support groups are held at the first Saturday of each month. At the Warren Park Support Group the name that we gave ourselves is called Overcomers. We chose this name because what ever we do we can accomplish and nothing can pull us down because we have the same spirit of the word Overcomers and together we stand as a group to achieve.

In my support group we do many different activities and lessons. Activities carried out are soldier game and many others. The lessons which are carried out are ARVs and faith, child abuse, tree of life, sharing our own experiences, living with HIV, cholera, because there was once an outbreak of cholera which mostly affected HIV positive individuals, balanced diet, contrimazole and also ARVs on their own (how they work), not forgetting about adherence to our drugs.

We last did a camp long back but the camps were held so that each and every one from the support groups around Harare could come together and know each other much better and most of all to keep our minds away from stress. Together as special people who know themselves better than others who don’t we understand and comfort each other because we care and love each other, and we share the same spirit that we are to achieve as a goal towards HIV.

Most of all thanks to our support group leaders who are like mothers and aunts to us all. They assist us all in all the activities and lessons that we carry out. They are special people who always play major roles in our lives because they inspire, motivate and uplift us when we are down and stressed, and give us light when we are in dark and don’t know what to do.

Our support group leaders are caring, loving and understanding people that we depend on in the crises that one has. They give us a vision that in whatever we want to accomplish, with them standing together, we can do it despite of who we are, black, white, red, HIV positive or not – we are just same.

As together we help each other to stand strong, uplift all time. With togetherness we will remain walking in positive steps and talk positive minds, that all of us in this world would understand and give courage to the hopeless. Together we stand strong despite of anything coming our way.