There is a bright future for me

I have got great expectations for the future.
The fact that I am HIV positive
Doesn’t draw me back for I know that
If I have the support of family and friends
like AFRICAID I can make it.
My purpose for living is to support others like me
I want to give them strength and hope
I want to be a pillar of strength to my peers
I have high hopes of the future
I am a special child
Born for a purpose
Child of destiny
God loves me and has given me
A caring father and AFRICAID



Mona’s Story

Life is something which is not easy. I started to know that after my parents died of HIV in 2002. Nobody thought I was going to survive after I was seriously ill.

I stayed in a hospital for two months but the sickness did not stop. I was tested in the hospital and the result was positive. I was shocked and could not believe my ears because I had heard many stories about this disease. I thought that was the end of my life because I heard there were no drugs to treat this disease.

I started to take ARVs and surprisingly I am now gaining weight, I am growing healthy and beautiful and nobody can see with her bare eyes that I am HIV positive. I am proud to live this life because I am getting free drugs and food. I love my life and my doctors too.



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