Never let low self-esteem control your life.

Backgrounds usually are dangers to so many people in life. We tend to meet different types of people as we grow up therefore those are the same people who always builds up low self-esteem in our life.

They always tell us negative words only just to pull us down due to that, self-stigma then begins to build up in your way of life and how to handle yourself personally.

But as for me I decided to live positively and to look at only positive words from people in my life. I was once in a cocoon but now I am out of it knowing that I can do whatever I want to do in my life. Allowing BOLDNESS in my life, OH!!! Things are happening, its now working as a stepping stone in my life. Living positively doesn’t mean that I go around with the virus, doing my work with it. NO. Actually I say, “goodbye Mr. Virus, see you when I come back to take my drugs to treat you”.

Guys out there, continue to declare positive words in your lives. You can succeed, and also you are the leaders of tomorrow



Samantha’s story

I am nineteen years old. Before I joined the support group I used to feel different from the way I feel right now.

I used to feel like an outcast. In our family I was the only child who was sick all the times. I was always in and out of the hospitals. All other children in my family were healthy. I thought I was cursed because I felt I was the only child suffering in this world. I was wrong because since I joined Africaid support group in September 2005 I discovered that I was not the only sick child.

I now feel better. Since I joined the support group I have been having a great time with other children who have the same experience as me. All my thoughts are now positive.