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As I was walking down the road,
I remembered the ratio 1:4.
This weakened me for
Thought of consideration ran through my head.
Had the people considered the consequences of what they had been doing before they had done it.
I was born in a world where
There was no love, care and everyone did not stand the sight of me
The stigma attached to me
Is like a rock tied to a drowning childI felt lonely, unloved and thought that I was going to die
Alas! my life changed again
It was like going back into my mothers womb and being born again
Zvandiri support group showed me the light that I was lacking
Its members showed me love, the care
And support that I wanted.
I am better off than one who does not know his status
I now know that my status cannot disturb me to achieve my goals.
I have a life



Zimbabwe is in turmoil. We are not able to report much as to do so would jeopardise our work with the children. I am often asked why we continue within this environment and I can find no better way of explaining this than by sharing with you the words of Amanda. She joined the Zvandiri programme in 2004 when the support groups were just starting and has been an enormous influence in the development of our work over the years.

Amanda wrote this poem in 2005:

We were a seed that needed a place to germinate.
Africaid became our fertile ground.
We beheld our trust in Africaid as it cared for us.
We bloomed to be seedlings.
At first it was intensely difficult for us as seasons went by -
we shaded our leaves almost to our death point.
But with Africaid’s love, new and strong seeds germinated within us.
These have now grown and formed a strong united us.
For whenever we fall, we all know that Africaid is there to pull us up.
We have within us a refreshing aroma which will always leave smiling faces.
by Amanda, 17 yrs